Kwil v2


Learn how to use the Kwil CLI to approve and deposit funds, get your balance, and other account metadata

The "fund" Subcommand

The fund subcommand is used to manage payment functionality for Kwil. The command supports the following functionalities:
  • Get-Account: Reading account data, such as funds spent vs unspent, and account nonces.
  • Approve: Approving tokens to be deposited to smart contracts.
  • Deposit: Depositing tokens to smart contracts.
  • Balances: Reading token balances and allowances.


The get-account subcommand is used to retrieve your active account state from the Kwil network. This command will return an addresses unspent balance, spent balance, and current account nonce.
By default, get-account retrieves information for your configured wallet. You can optionally pass the --address (or -a) flag to get the information for any address on the network.
kwil-cli fund get-account --address=0x37Fc1953e4A26007E6Df52f06B5897a998F51f5D


The balances subcommand is used to retrieve your token balance and approved amounts. While the get-account command retrieves your addresses active state from the Kwil network, the balances command retrieves your addresses's information from the chain on which your funds were deposited from.
Similar to the get-account command, the balances command has an options --address flag to specify addresses other than the one you have configured
kwil-cli fund balances --address=0x37Fc1953e4A26007E6Df52f06B5897a998F51f5D


The approve subcommand is used to approve tokens to be spent by the deposit smart contract. For example, if you deposit funds from Ethereum, then this command is used to call the ERC-20 approve method. It automatically selects the token and deposit contract used by the Kwil network you are using.
The approve command takes one argument, which is the amount of tokens you want to approve.
kwil-cli fund approve 100


The deposit subcommand is used to deposit funds into a deposit smart contract. The CLI automatically detects the proper token and deposit contract address to use for the Kwil network you are using.
The deposit command takes one argument, which is the amount of tokens to deposit.
kwil-cli fund deposit 100