Kwil v2


JSON structure for deploying databases
Kwil supports a specialized database deployment structure for creating databases and the surrounding metadata. At the top-level, the database deployment structure contains 7 attributes.
"owner": "0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000",
"name": "my_database_name",
"sql_queries": [],
"roles": [],
"indexes": []


The owner is the wallet address who is creating the database. Currently, Kwil only supports EVM compatible wallets. This field needs to be the same as the wallet that pays for and deploys your database. The owner also has access to execute all queries.


The name is a unique identifier for your database. Names must be unique for the wallet they belong to: for example, wallets A and B can both have a database called "mydb". Wallet A could not have two databases called "mydb".
The database name has a max length of 32 characters.
For structures of other fields, continue through the other pages in this section.