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Kwil Testnet Providers

To access a Kwil network, you will need a provider URL. The providers for the testnet Kwil network are below. Note that if you are looking to access a private Kwil network, you will need to receive the provider from the network owner.

NameWhere To UseURLChain ID
Kwil Longhorn Testnet (v0.8)Kwil JS/TS SDK
Kwil CLI

Below is a list of other links that may be helpful for using Kwil.

KwilThe Kwil website
Kuneiform AdminThe in-browser admin tool and IDE for deploying Kwil databases
Kwil JS/TS SDKNPM package for JavaScript / TypeScript SDK
DiscordThe Kwil Discord server
TwitterThe Kwil Twitter account
GithubThe Kwil Github repo
YouTubeThe Kwil YouTube channel
BlogThe Kwil Blog