Kwil v2


Below are common questions we receive about Kwil. If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to [email protected]

How can I get started building on Kwil v2?

To use Kwil v2, you will need Kwil v2 Test Tokens and a Kwil Provider. If you do not have either of these, reach out to [email protected]

Is there a Kwil token?

There is not currently a Kwil token, and the team does not have plans to release a token in the near term. All payment for Kwil is done through a Testnet token.

What tokens are accepted for payment?

Currently, Kwil v2 only accepts private testnet tokens. Please reach out to our team or visit the testnet faucet if you need more tokens.

Can I still use Kwil v1?

Yes! Kwil v1 is still functional and can be used. The team has paused making major updates to Kwil v1 to focus on v2. If you have questions about Kwil v1, feel free to reach out in our Discord.

Is the KRED token still accepted?

The KRED token is accepted on Kwil v1 but not Kwil v2.

Can I run a Kwil node?

We appreciate your interest in running a Kwil node. For the time being, Kwil is operating a permissioned testnet, which helps guarantee builders' security and implement features faster. We will make a public announcement when we transition to open testnet.