Kwil v2

Use Cases

Kwil is the best solution for many Web 3.0 use cases!
Kwil can handle any use case that requires permissionless and decentralized relational data. Is there a new use case you want to use Kwil for? Reach out to our team at [email protected]

Today, developers use Kwil to:

🔋 Power Public Goods Infrastructure

Permissionless relational databases enable permisionless public goods, expanding the possibilities of interconnected public infrastructure (e.g. weather, pollution, traffic, etc).

📲 Create Web3-native Social Experiences

Permissionless structured data is a must-have component of creating Web3 social experiences. With Kwil, developers can codify data-rules that govern decentralized platforms, enabling a truly permissionless and trustless user experience.

🧪 Power the Decentralized Science Community (DeSci)

The DeSci community needs permissionless relational data to enable seamless data sharing and composability. Some researchers also use Kwil to index research metadata that lives on decentralized file systems such as Arweave.

🎮 Track in-game assets for blockchain games

Blockchain games store there in-game asset data on Kwil, enabling other blockchain games to permissionlessly integrate the asset and compose on the asset's data.

📊 Decentralized Data Analytics

Decentralized analytics need tramperproof and permissionless relational data to power complex queries and gain unique business insights.