Kwil v2

Intro To Kuneiform

Getting started building with Kuneiform
Kuneiform is the Kwil syntax language for defining and deploying permissionless relational databases.
Kwil databases can be thought of as smart contracts for relational data. On Kwil, developers can define and deploy their rules for interacting with Kwil databases. Once deployed, the rules are immutable - anyone can engage with the database with the trustless guarantee that the rules will not change.
Just as solidity provides an easy-to-use interface for deploying smart contracts, Kuneiform provides a simple and seamless developer experience for deploying relational databases.
Kuneiform can be written, compiled, and deployed to the Kwil network. Head on over to to get started.

Kuneiform Video

Check out the Kuneiform Tutorial Video here:
Kuneiform Tutorial


Why did you create a custom language?

Before Kuneiform, developers could only deploy Kwil databases through our database builder or the Kwil SDK. Both processes are long and not developer friendly. We wanted to create a smooth developer experience for rapidly prototyping and deploying new databases on Kwil.

Can I use Kuneiform in any IDE?

Currently, we suggest only using Kuneiform in the in-browser IDE. We haven't yet released VSCode extensions for syntax highlighting and compiling.

How long does it take to learn Kuneiform?

Kuneiform is an incredibly simple syntax to use. Assuming you are familiar with basic SQL, you should be able to use Kuneiform <15 minutes. There are also some sample Kuneiform files in the IDE to help you get started.