The Kwil Social application is very complex. Please be patient as our team writes and updates full documentation.

Kwil Social

Kwil Social is a social media application built on top of the Kwil Database. While Kwil Database was originally a byproduct of Kwil Social, our team has since made the distinction between the two to allow both parts to be utilized independently.
Kwil Social is a user facing application that combines the organizational abilities of Discord and Slack with the content consumption abilities of Instagram and Twitter, built on top of Web 3.0 infrastructure. The main use case for Kwil social is for organizations (DAOs, political groups, non-profits) to have an immutable communication and announcements platform.
Being built on top of Kwil Databases, the Kwil Social application allows its users to maintain complete control and autonomy over their data, allowing these groups to speak confidently knowing that only they control they keys to their own communication. By building a user experience rich with functionality for self-sovereign data management, intra-organizational group coordination, and end-to-end encrypted messaging, Kwil Social provides an unparalleled level of utility to its end users.